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We all know that when we first enter the world of the interview, it can be a daunting and nerve-racking place.

Not only are you interrogated on your knowledge and involvement on previous experience within a role, but you also know that you are in a battle of best. All of you lining up to nail the job.

You have got through the first challenge of knowing that your resume was good enough to get you through to the interview process. (if you need resume help check out the website

Nonetheless here you are, now prepping for that all important face to face interview.

But what should you be doing to ensure that you are ready for the list of questions that are going to come your way.

The interviewer will be looking for specific answers. They need to be able to paint a picture of you and your achievements but not on hearsay. It is crucial to avoid hearsay. Anyone could say anything about a role and what they might have achieved.

What an interviewer wants to know is what you actually achieved and how!


Because a company invests time and money into recruiting and they want to get it right.

So, what is the all-important part of answering an interview question?

· Evidence

· Fact

How do you relay facts and evidence in an interview? You tell the story and include the factual evidence that makes your answer a critical response and that positions itself above the rest. This can take practice and the need to be able to think quickly can be as crucial as the answer. However, once you have mastered the concept, all the questions tend to fall into the same arena.

This is one aspect of an interview that you should focus on and practice. If your answers are shallow, then the interviewer will probably switch off in the first few minutes.

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