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Business Consultant

More than just Business Advice!

We are here to help with a variety of resources and we take into consideration todays values and key topics that make a difference.

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Our business diagnostic programme.

We will assist you in completing a business diagnostic report. This report will analyse and  identify key strategic points that your business requires to perform better, including:

Quality Frameworks
KPI definition


A Comprehensive Approach

Mapping can be challenging at times. However, We can help you highlight the changes needed to improve your business pathway by mapping the area of need. 


Expert Guidance

This specific service is designed to analyse, confront, and promote your business needs. We provide solutions to services and departments and take into account the requirements set by governments. These may be in ascertaining requirements around equity and accessibility. In todays world we need to accommodate and ensure health is within a reasonable reach for everyone. We will work with you throughout the entire  process to help gain information which will assist in good decision making and success. Contact us to find out how we can help today.


The Path to Success

We have implemented pathways with full audit trails which extract crucial data for benchmarking purposes, so that future planning and growth can take place with efficiency and minimal risk.

Have you got a specific project that requires professional advice or guidance?

Our services are designed to help tackle even the most complex projects. We will mentor the project and advise on the business case to completion.
Contact us for more information.


“Paul has had direct impact with my team and has assisted the knowledge required to provide and commission safe and reliable services. The skill sets required have been evident. Paul has shown passion, enthusiasm, commitment along with a strong the management quality we would expect, which has led to the teams achievement and more.
Paul led and executed the National Quality Assurance action plan with clear strategies and commitment, collaborating with all those necessary along the way. This was dealt with professionally and precisely, which achieved outstanding results.
It has been a pleasure working with Paul”.


“It's been grand. You've done wonders for DESP. You won't be forgotten. Now to the future with an adventure around every corner”


Paul became my manager when I was a low level administration assistant Upon Paul’s appointment he tutored me in the management skills required to be successful, we worked together to create innovative pathways and robust audit trails to create a safer, low risk service that adhered to national standards. Paul showed me many of the skills that led me to being appointed as Failsafe Manager, a more responsible position within the hospital, at a higher level. I had not previously seen myself as a leader, until Paul’s support and mentorship at this time both instilled the belief in myself for a management position, and allowed me to develop the leadership expertise required. After achieving notable positive results in both the performance of the programme and development of other colleagues, this personal and professional growth led me to be promoted into the Deputy Programme Manager position. Under Paul's mentorship I grew personally and professionally more than I anticipate I will ever do again in my career.”



Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

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