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Productivity is key right?

Of course it is. That is a rule of thumb in life, let alone business.

So all LEAN is, is a way of getting from A to B in a way that is efficient and rewards with quality.

If you get into your car because you need to travel 200k you would not stop every five minutes, or you would want your car to work well, brakes not sticking, to be comfortable and arrive at your destination on time, not hungry or thirsty and with no breakdowns.

Pretty simple and we do it all the time. Although when I see some cars on the road I would wonder.

So with that being said wouldn't we want the same in business?

We need to get from A to B in an efficient way, on time with quality.

It is not hard to achieve either. Sure it takes time and some serious investment. 

However, the dead wood and poor procedures need to leave the building.

Where are the bonuses?

Cost savings, productivity, high morale, purpose, lower risk, happy customers. 


Strategic planning. Ok I hear the word strategic a lot so lets LEAN it out and just use planning.

A good plan that maps the processes from start to finish.

Identify the bad variations. Remove the bad variations and replace with good.

Use the change process unfreeze, make the change and refreeze.

Some will not like it because they fear change but sell it. Make them own it. Support and mentor.

So LEAN is simple. The hard part is putting it in place or putting the right person in place to lead it well.

Create value. Eliminate waste.

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