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Foundation Standards – What Role Do I Play

When it comes to Foundation Standards (FS) (or any certification) it is all to easy to take the full load as a manager. However, this is not a good approach, this will just wear you down. Yes, you are accountable for the organisation of the FS overall, but not every single task required.

The key is TEAM EFFORT!

However, it is the responsibility of the manager to manage and lead. This means planning. A part of the FS is to plan the inputs into FS, which brings success.

What are the inputs? Well, the team are one key input into FS, and this includes processes:

  • Clinical

  • Administration

  • Management

  • Reception

Each person in the role should be experts at what they do, and the manager should have in place (or be planning) a system that is coordinated by the person in that role.

This is where micro-management is a line in the distance! Micro-management does not play a part in good management, or successful management of FS.

So, if the person is an expert in their role, they should be able to write a process, or evidence what is needed for FS.

All members of the team have skill sets, it is vital to use these skill sets and their inputs to help build the FS framework within the practice.

Your skill as a manager is to ensure that the practice runs efficient, as this allows staff time to input and add value to the FS process.

Your role includes:

  • Planning

  • Supporting

  • Mentoring

  • Leading

  • Communicating

Foundation Standards and the management of the process is no different to a well organised and well-oiled daily business; Leadership, Trust, Communication, efficiency etc. The team should expect these qualities and be a part of these qualities. If not, then there is a spanner in the works somewhere and a 360 review may be needed, to pinpoint what and where it is going adrift.

The key to FS is:

  • Planning (well in advance)

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Leadership (overall or individual on FS tasks)

The FS is not just a 3 year event. It is a constant approach, that functions within the practice continually. If it does, then the FS will be more feasible. Nevertheless there are managers that take on the practice manager role and meet the FS head on due to no preparation in place. If this is the case all the above still applies.

Via team input the Foundation Standards mature. This brings benefits to the system. As the team work together the system connects, learns and respects each other bringing an overarching reward.

The Foundation Framework in maturing as more elements are added. Team inputs are now a crucial part to the framework and more people can join in on building the FS structure.

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Foundation Standards with Team Inputs

The next blog we will discuss Foundation Standard indicators. What are they? How do they help? How do you achieve them?

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