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Organisation Value and Skills

It is so easy to under value staff. They come to work and carry out their role. We rely on them and yet we get so absorbed as managers we can forget how important they really are.

No staff, no business!

So how do we value our staff? Do we just pay them off with a gift card once a year?

It all starts with recruitment and hiring the right person with the right skills for the role. The right person already brings value to your organisation. By employing the right person you are showing value, as you want that person to fit and grow in your organisation. This is so often over-looked.

Training and onboarding is another way of showing that you value the person you hire. A well thought out induction helps the person understand the organisation and the role better.

This is where you show the person that you value them by bringing them into the work place methodically and respectfully, rather than providing a chair, a desk and expecting them to get on with it. So many employers wonder why new employees leave quickly! This is one reason.

Respect the work that they carry out. The work they carry out is important, of course it is or you wouldn't hire them right!

whether cleaning, reception, admin, skilled or management they are there for a reason. They are not robots and they are not there as just to get the company through. They are a part of the mechanism that keeps the business functioning and functioning well.

Recognition, appraisals, continuous development, staff meetings and engagement are all ways to show value and any organisation and employee should know and understand this.

It is not all about pay. Give the disgruntled employee a pay rise. No, the pay should be within the correct realms for the skill or role. a pay rise is a pacifier not a satisfier and will be a short term fix. If you value the role and the person carrying out the role the pay will be right in the first instance.

Another aspect is micro-management. If you want to strip value in an instant then micro-managing will do just that.

Work place culture is so important and that culture is set by the organisation leaders. get that right and reap the benifits as value shines from the culture.

Employees want to do a good job and be recognised for doing so.

If all the above and more is developed in your organisation, then value will flourish and skills will be developed.

Richard Branson once said "train staff so that they can leave, treat them so that they wont leave"