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Thinking outside the box. Aka Creative thinking

Is a strategy that thinks outside of the box, good practice or simply risky. Maybe both? Well good question I hear you say. Thinking outside the box is good practice. Many new avenues are found by exploring. But remember not to get lost in the woods. There can be limits. You have to consider the environment you are in. Organisations have policies for a reason and for good reason as well. To protect you and them, however it is good to challenge those boundaries in a positive way. Remembering of course that if you think outside the box and want to move forward with your ideas that it will take time and resources. So good planning has to take place. Mapping the journey is a good way of establishing a road to success. Information is key to producing results and ensuring that there is capacity to follow through. Sometimes the organisation has been so stuck in its ways that to move it through a change is nearly impossible. It can be done with perseverance, but don't expect results quickly. The results can take a long time to shine through. I have known two years before the real positive results came through. It was worth it though and the changes brought a performing service for years to come. So, thinking out of the box can be risky. There might be limits but it is good practice. Hey if people don't like you thinking outside the box then maybe it is time to move on before you end up like them, non-productive.

Next blog. What does success look like. 

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