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Training and development is key

It is easy to forget about training. I am talking about a new employee.

In previous experiences I have been thrust into the workplace and left to fathom out all aspects of the business.

By doing that to a newcomer you are wasting valuble resourses.

Why employ someone and not put them through a well organised induction and orientation process.

If you do put them through a well organised induction and orientation process you lay down the fundamental foundation and outline of your business. Isn't that what we want.

To land someone in the thick of it, just brings a shower of uncertainty for the individual, the client and the business.

The individual will use valuable time trying to make a plan on how they can learn what they need to, to be productive, when actually they could invest that time into making the business grow.

There are theories and training models out there becaus it is effective.

Knowledge, information, culture, behaviour etc. are all key to success in the workplace. Let us not forget Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Learning and development is so benificial and appraisals are a great place to identify what the individual might need.

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Training and development is key

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