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The Business Cogs (Part 2)

However you can be integral to yourself and focus on what is right. That might be to follow the political path but with honesty and transparency. Highlight the issues as you go. It might fall on deaf ears and you may be frowned at but no business can progress if it does not listen.

Adjust yourself. Move into the correct arenas. Seek out those that listen and are willing to make use of good ideas and who want to take the business into the future with results.

Policies and procedures are there for a reason even if they have turned into a hindrance. Use the policy to your advantage. Read it well, know it. Information is power. This way you may be able to navigate the channels more easily.

Seek support. If you have a reason to promote a finding, find the right person to support your reason. You have completed the homework, the maths add up, you are confident, make them confident as well. Two heads are better than one.

In conclusion there are ways to deal with issues and this is only a snippet into the organisational structure and the many systems that can or cannot be recognised.

However, maybe at times it is better to take your skills to an organisation that is firmly grafted in the world of business and let your productivity flow. You need to be rewarded and the reward sometimes is simply to open the door, see the cogs turning, oil them and then look at refining them.

Never give up.

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