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Business Decision Making

All decision making involves elements of risk and reward (although effective management demands that we actively strive to lower any preconceived risks). This brings some solace to the decider (me) and may help accelerate the process, as ultimately organisational values are there to help not hinder.

Looking at the information, I would extract the key elements to map out and process a final decision of merit. Decision making can be subjective, but should be objective, however with intelligence, organisational values etc. the decisions should be balanced with morals and with a chain of steps that should be executed and planned well.

Are personal life changing decisions in comparison to an organisational decision, any different in reality? Would the considerations be the same?:

  1. What is valuable to me?

  2. Know my goals and limits

  3. The decision should match the best alternative

  4. Effort should equal importance

  5. Approach should be structured

Perhaps in these days of economic uncertainty and fast paced pressured society, we would be better to take a moment to reconsider, how did we actually made that decision? Before we consider the next, as ultimately a decision infers a finish of reflection and a call to action.

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