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I would hope that all companies have a behavior policy.

Of course, we all try to employ key people that fit the culture of the organisation and represent the company well.

However, interviews are hard and what you see is not always what you get.

Psychometric testing has been designed to help (not a fan myself and I think they can help companies lose good people) but we can still

get the wrong person.

It can be difficult to identify capability from behaviour in the first instance. Never the less time and good management will reveal the true identity.

The whole conduct process takes time. Sometimes it is time we do not have, but we have to go through the motions to manage behaviour and to manage poor behavior out of the door.

Bullying is a big NO! I have seen bully managers power tripping on tatics that all in all, come back to bite the manager and give the company a bad name. A manager that is a bully, is not a good manager but a person put into a position incorrectly.

By the way a great manager does not need to power trip. Quality management shines through.

Behavior management takes time and it means working through processes that can not always be rushed. Particularly if the person involved is clever. Believe me many employees with behavioral problems are clever, but not clever enough in the end.

Performance management, File notes, one to ones, appraisals, policies and determination are all vital to a good ending. Be patient, follow the process, learn and deliver what is needed to eventually say goodbye to the problem in the team.

Sometimes the problem is resolved and the person makes the changes needed. Maybe stress or health and wellbeing options help situation. These can sometimes be neglected by a manager or just not recognised as KPI's take over.

Sometimes the problem is simply the person. No matter what you do, you just will not please them. At times there is just a rotten apple.

Training is key. Managers need training and development just like everyone else.

If your managers are not trained I suggest training them. We may be slick in business but we can be slicker.

Talking about being slick. Next blog, Lean management.