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Resume WriterNeed a Resume - CV?
We build your Resume - CV.
The Resume is adapted to fit your experience and skills. It will have a professional style that works and focuses on your skill sets and experience.
These skills and experiences will be highlighted, so that your abilities are not overlooked.

The resume creation has three levels:

1. Starters level. $65
Draws on your skills, but with a broader focus on specific roles.

2. Medium level $95
Draws on your operational/leadership skills whilst focusing on roles, but linking them into experience and qualifications.

3. Senior level $150
Delivers your senior management skills into a resume that recognises and portrays those skills in a structured way. Providing clear evidence of previous success.

Also provided at an extra cost is interview training.

This training puts you through the interview scenario. After the interview you will receive a full post interview document.
This will inform you on areas that you could improve on.

Interview scenario training is on special offer and only $95
Available in the office or over ZOOM

Email me today and have the advantage.


Professional CV Writers NZ


Your CV should be like a brochure where you sell yourself to prospective employers. Therefore, you should approach the task of preparing your CV from a sales perspective, rather than a simple administrative task where you list your employment history, education, and achievements.


If you over-focus on design, you are focused on the wrong thing too.


When you hire us for CV writing in NZ, we’ll create a CV that sells you. It will succinctly and clearly demonstrate you are the solution to the problem employers are trying to solve.


After all, this is how the process works, i.e., the employer’s problem is they have a vacant position they need to fill in order to achieve their business goals and objectives. They don’t want just anyone, however. Instead, they want the right person. They want a solution.


At NZ Business Solutions, our professional CV writers have experience working with individuals across NZ and in a range of different industries. We also have experience working with people at different stages of their careers, from students starting out to executives looking for the next challenge.


Whatever you want to achieve with your new CV, we will write and format it for the best results. Our CV maker service is available to anyone in NZ, with a fast turnaround guaranteed. You will also receive your CV in both PDF format (ready for sending to prospective employers) and MS Word format (so you can edit the CV in the future).


To order, select the package you need and contact us to get the process started.


Interview Preparation and CV Writing in New Zealand


So, you’ve secured an interview for a great job, and you really want it to go well. What next? Job interviews are a skill in themselves, full of both opportunities and pitfalls. Get it right, and you will stand out from the other applicants. Get it wrong, however, and your application will be put in the “No” pile.

At NZ Business Solutions, we offer interview preparation and coaching services across NZ. We conduct this service remotely, so it can be arranged at a time and date that suits you. Plus, we’ll customise the service according to your requirements, whether you want to prepare for a specific job interview you have coming up, or you want to improve your general interviewing skills. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.


Management Consulting in NZ


Is your business not achieving what you think it should be achieving? Do you want to explore new opportunities, improve profitability, or develop a strategy for the future?

Our management consulting services are the solution for your NZ business. We have broad-ranging business experience, particularly in the health sector, so we can bring a fresh set of eyes and a fresh perspective.


Our management consulting services will be fully customised to your requirements with the aim of enhancing your business, improving areas you think are not as strong as they should be, and putting your business on a path to success. Get in touch today to get a quote.

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